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CCTV news and new media launched "Anchor Talking and Broadcasting". We listened to the anchor Kang Hui's comment on which news in the broadcast.

Kang Hui:
On August 30, news and comments on Hong Kong were broadcast for more than ten minutes. One news report said that several rioters in Hong Kong were arrested one after another. However, just in the afternoon, someone was bailed by the court. The suspected lawbreakers in Hong Kong are still arguing in front of the camera, stirring up rhetoric and continuing to incite young people who do not know the truth. It's shameless for some people to pretend to be "a person who breaks the law".

Some people say that the act of disorder in Hong Kong may be regarded as a "sore" of Hong Kong society at first, but if it is not cured for a long time, it will become a wound of Hong Kong and the rule of law. In the long run, it was Hong Kong that was destroyed. How Hong Kong society should treat and deal with these fanatics who want to destroy Hong Kong is more thought-provoking. On August 30, Hong Kong Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue-e released a promotional film on the theme of cherishing Hong Kong's family. To cherish Hong Kong as a family, it is imperative that these violators be punished by law at a cost.