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Lawyer of G-road went to Cangzhou to defend a suspect

After being detained in criminal custody, the first time to hire a defense lawyer is the best way for close relatives to safeguard the legitimate interests of the detainees.

On August 23, 2019, a man working in Shanghai from the Northeast was detained by a branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau. He was later released to the detention center of Cangzhou City by Cangzhou Public Security Bureau Canal Branch of Hebei Province. After the close relatives learned about it, they were extremely anxious to hire lawyers Ma Liangjun and Li Zhe from Shanghai G-road Law Firm on 24th as Mr. A's defense lawyers, in order to get a lawyer's timely defense for Mr. A.

After being entrusted by close relatives, lawyers Ma Liangjun and Li Zhe of Shanghai G-road Law Firm went to Cangzhou on Sunday 25th and met in Cangzhou Detention Center on the morning of 26th to provide legal consultation for a gentleman and lay a foundation for lawyers'legal defense.

The lawyer's quick action was fully affirmed by the client.

"Your trust, my responsibility, loyalty and companionship,on the way of G-road", G-road Law Firm will continue to uphold the principle of professionalism, efficiency and dedication, serve the parties wholeheartedly, and safeguard the rights and interests of the parties to the maximum extent according to law.