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Xiancui Bian


Lawyer Profile

Since Bian Xiancui was engaged in lawyer work, in many cases, he has been adhering to the practice concept of "being entrusted with and loyal to others", carefully investigated and repeatedly studied, and provided excellent legal services to the parties with earnest and rigorous working attitude and profound theoretical foundation, so as to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights of the parties. Benefit.

Representative Cases

  • As a legal adviser to a street, judicial office and residential committee in Putuo District, he provides legal advice and participates in resolving disputes among street residents, including divorce, relocation and neighborhood rights.
    Acting for a disputed case between a power company in Shanghai and a technology company in Xinjiang, the total amount of arrears recovered was more than 18 million yuan.
    Acting as an agent for a power equipment company in Shanghai v. a real estate company in Shandong Province, the dispute over the sale contract was successfully recovered with more than 900,000 arrears.
    Acting for a dispute between a Shanghai bus company and a Shanghai singing and dancing hall housing lease contract, the defendant was sentenced to return the house and pay liquidated damages.
    Acting Taiwanese compatriot Xiao Mou sued Xuan Mou for disputes over the sale contract of a certain class of houses. Xuan Mou's whereabouts were unknown. The house was sealed up by Yangpu court because of arrears. Finally, the seal was successfully removed and the house was successfully transferred to Xiao Mou's name.
    In the case of Liu Mou v. Zhang Mou's loan contract dispute, acting as defendant Zhang Mou, the court put forward Liu Mou's opinions and evidence on suspicion of "routine loan" fraud, and finally transferred the court to the public security organ for investigation.

Educational Background

  • Sep 2012-Jun 2016 Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Bachelor of Law Degree

Professional Qualification

  • Practicing Lawyers of the People's Republic of China